Just a Pint Full of Salad (Whole30 Day 1)

Today is the day. It’s the start of The Whole30. It’s a day filled with boundless optimism and unbridled hope. It’s also a day that involved 7 eggs. This is my life now.

An Almost Disaster

Day 1 almost started with a tragedy. I made oatmeal for my kids, as I often do. I finished off their oatmeal by adding a splash of syrup to their bowls. As I was putting away the syrup, I noticed that some was dripping down the side. I wiped it off with my finger, and I was about to put that small portion of syrup in my mouth when I realized: I’m starting the Whole30! No syrup allowed.

Waking myself out of my stupor, I wiped off my finger and prepared my eggs. Five scrambled eggs to be exact. I can’t wait to test my cholesterol in a month.

Enjoying a Pint for Lunch

Today I had meetings. In the first meeting I was sitting in front of a full loaf of homemade banana bread. Real funny.

IMG_0187 (1).jpgFor the next meeting, I had to plan a pancake breakfast. (I’m a pastor and evidently that’s the kind of thing that pastors do). Again, I found this not so funny. I tried to compensate for not eating the banana bread by drinking extra coffee. I will not be attempting that again on day 2.

I finally made it to lunch. My coworkers went to In-N-Out for lunch. That’s right, IN-N-OUT! Thanks for the support everybody. I got to enjoy this marvelous pint of tuna salad from my wife.

In all honesty, the salad was delicious, as was the cauliflower and broccoli. The two hard boiled eggs were a little tougher to consume. I ended up needing a quart of water to get them down. If you are counting, those are eggs number six and seven for the day. But I did it. And now I get a nice roasted chicken dinner as a reward.


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