A Sugar-Free Day at Starbucks (Whole30 Day 3)

I eat out a lot. When you can’t have grains, sugar, or dairy eating out becomes really challenging. I didn’t even try the first two days of the Whole30. But this afternoon, I just needed a little bit of something, so I headed to Starbucks.

The Other Side of Starbucks

Typically, an afternoon Starbucks run would include a coffee with a liberal amount of half and half, a latte, or (if I’m really throwing caution to the wind) a Frappuccino. None of these options work on the Whole30. Now, I do enjoy black coffee, but I drank an extra amount of coffee the first two days of the diet. And, well, things didn’t go so well. I felt jittery and had a mild headache. So, no coffee this afternoon. This meant that my only options at Starbucks would be in the tea department.

Google: A Whole30’ers Best Friend

Here is a scenario that happens a dozen times a day: I have no idea what I can eat so I have to Google it or ask my wife or sister-in-law. Asking my wife or sister-in-law sets into motion a 15-20 text chain (at minimum). When I’m in a hurry, Google is the best bet. I Googled: “Starbucks Whole30” and stumbled onto this little gem of an article.

The article gave me a whole host of tea options. If you don’t want to read the article, just know that you pretty much have to stfullsizerender-2ay away from anything with “Passion” in the title. I chose my mint tea option and that’s when the barista tried to upend my whole day.

“Would you like honey with that?” he asked innocently.

Of course I want honey, but I can’t have honey! I politely declined and received my unsweetened minty tea.

In three days, the Whole30 has given me a lot. I’ve had tea for the first time at Starbucks after being there hundreds of times. I’ve learned that a lot of people have done all the hard work of digging through ingredients so I don’t have to. And I’ve learned that life is more than cheese and sugar. (Well, I’m still learning that last part).

Everyday I’m writing about my experience with the Whole30. Leave a comment or check back tomorrow for more.


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