Parsley: God’s Altoids (Whole30 Day 4)

I’m not sure when it happened, but somewhere along the way I became addicted to Altoids. I don’t like the normal Altoids, but only the Peppermint Altoids smalls. They are the most perfect mint ever created. They are all mint and no sweetness. And I guess I use them all the time.

Sorbitol and Sucralose Are Not Whole30 Approved?

In the last month, my wife has commented, “Are those like cigarettes for you?” And my brother has asked, “How many of those do youFullSizeRender 3.jpg eat?” So, before the Whole30 I was already cutting down on my Altoid consumption.

But with the coming of the Whole30 I had to go off of Altoids cold turkey. Altoids have Sorbitol and Sucralose. These are two things that I probably would have assumed aren’t good for me, but are totally prohibited on the Whole30.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Google is the best friend of a Whole30-er. And Google gave me some good options for replacing Altoids.

I didn’t really try any mint alternatives my first three days on the diet. I was too busy wallowing in the misery of no sugar, dairy or grains. But today I tried the first alternative: parsley. A couple places recommended trying to chew on parsley. So, I did. And it tasted like parsley, not a mint. It was pleasant. It was refreshing. It tasted like a stroll through a quiet meadow…but not quite the mint taste I was hoping for. Next up, I will try actual mint.

I’m blogging everyday about the Whole30. Check back tomorrow for another post, and feel free to leave a comment.


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