Reflections on Real Hunger (Whole30 Day 5)

About this time last year I was in Haiti. Haiti is both a beautiful country and a sad country. Haiti has wonderful people, and very little infrastructure. Haiti has wonderful young people who want to make a difference in their community. But Haiti also has many corrupt people who aren’t really interested in helping their countrymen. Unfortunately, Haiti is like many other places in the world.

Learning About Hunger

I was thinking fullsizerender-5about Haiti today because I’m really hungry. It’s the fifth day of the Whole30, and for the last couple days I’ve been hungry. In fact, I’ve thought more about food in the last five days, than I have in the last six months. And that’s kind of embarrassing.

When we were in Haiti, we partnered with an organization called United Christians International (UCI). One of the things that they do is provide feedings for kids in the community. I got to be part of two of those feedings and have the photos to prove it.

fullsizerender-4A New Perspective on Food

Those feedings changed the way I think about hunger. For just about all of those kids, the meal they got with us would be the only meal they got that day. And for the poorest, they wouldn’t get another meal for a couple days. I think those kids understand real hunger.

They don’t get to choose to skip dairy, grains, and sugar. They don’t have friends who tease them for ordering fruit and salad with no dressing. They have real problems that have to do with survival and trying to be healthy enough to make it to school each day.

And their pictures remind me that maybe I shouldn’t complain so much about missing bread.

Everyday I’m writing about my experience with the Whole30. Leave a comment or check back tomorrow for the next update.


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