A Whole New Frame of Mind (Whole30 Day 6)

I’m realizing that the Whole30 is all about your perspective. You can focus on everything you are missing out on. I know, I’ve been there. You can focus img_0199on all the countless menu items you can’t have at your favorite restaurant. In fact, there may be no point in going to your favorite restaurant while you are on the Whole 30. But if you just feel sorry for all the stuff you can’t have, then you are just setting yourself up for misery.

Loving the Whole30

On the other hand, you can focus on the adventure that you’re on. You can think about accomplishing something 10f684a337cb5ad966e5b8c7fd2d40daa little crazy and certainly a little odd to your friends. You can focus on getting healthier and feeling better.

You can spend some time learning. You can learn about what you are eating. You can figure out what’s being put into your food at restaurants. You can learn about world hunger and begin to a4598875ppreciate the food that you have in abundance. You can thank God that you’ve never gone truly hungry.

And you can decide. You can decide if you are starting a new lifestyle, making permanent changes, doing something weird that will be a fond memory, or just doing all of this for some57609394 blog. You’re an adult (I’m assuming). You can do what you want.

And if you decide that you want to accomplish the Whole30? Then do it! Don’t whine. Don’t freak out. Make a plan. Change the plan as necessary. Don’t take yourself too seriously. And have fun.

Everyday I’m blogging about being on the Whole30. Leave a comment or check back tomorrow for the next post. I promise not to post more memes for a while.


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