The Restaurants Strike Back (Whole30 Day 8)

Since being on the Whole30, I’ve been pretty restaurant free. That’s about to change this week. I’m looking at possibly three meals in a restaurant this week. After reading numerous articles, (including my favorite) here’s what I need to do:

The Restaurant Rules

  • Plan ahead. Make sure that I can actually find something to eat at the restaurant before going there. I don’t want to get stuck with seasonal fruit and water.
  • Be that guy. I’m going to have to ask the waiter a bunch of questions, possibly talk to a chef, and maybe even call ahead to check on the ingredients. Wow, I don’t like me either.
  • Bring my own dressing. I actually did this at a catered lunch in the office today. It was slightly less embarrassing than I imagined.

Our Dining Options

Now, to the three likely dining candidates for the week:
chipotle-square_0When you are on the Whole30 evidently Chipotle is your best friend. It came up in just about every article I read. As you know, burritos are out. Really, there is only one thing to order: Carnitas Salad. The carnitas is cooked in sunflower oil. Avoid the rice and beans (because they are rice and beans). But enjoy a liberal amount of guacamole and salsa. And have a guilt free dining experience. As long you avoid the corn salsa. (It has corn in it after all).

texas-roadhouse-logoMore steak! You can probably find something to eat at just about any steak house. You can’t go for the fries and baked beans. Instead, get a side of veggies and a sweet potato (with no butter). Be sure to avoid oil and seasonings on your steak. And mentally prepare yourself to say “no” to rolls and peanuts.

oEvidently, Five Guys doesn’t add anything to their patties. Yay! All I have to do is order a lettuce bun. Ugh! By eating out, I’m really becoming that guy. Fortunately, I can throw all kinds of veggies on top of my patty, except for mushrooms. It’s because of some nasty rumor about high fructose corn syrup in them. (That rumor was started by Five Guys).

So, that’s it. My simple plan to eating out this week. I’ll let you know how this sauceless, bread-less journey goes.

I’m writing about the Whole30 everyday. And I just learned that In-N-Out can be Whole30 compliant. I have to go wipe the tears from my eyes.


2 thoughts on “The Restaurants Strike Back (Whole30 Day 8)

  1. So what’s the end goal: weight loss, self control, masochism? 😉
    I feel your pain, sort of, cuz I’m “that guy” (no dairy) at restaurants. And I’ve taken my own dressing (stares and whispered glances), but my cool days are over. Lovin the blog. Good luck.

  2. I’m still trying to figure out the end goal. I started doing it because Melanie, my sister-in-law and brother-in-law are doing it too. Now, it feels like trying to finish a marathon. I’d definitely falter on my own. Thanks for the encouragement, Juli. (And I have new sympathy for those who can’t eat dairy and gluten)

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