Replacing Mints with Mint (Whole30 Day 13)

I’ve mentioned before that I have an Altoids habit. I always have a box of Altoids smalls on me. And if I’m nervous, I can go through a bunch of them in a short amount of time. I’ve thought about cutting back or dropping them altogether, but I never had the motivation until the Whole30.

The Whole30 and the limits of fresh breath

Clearly, the Whole30 was not invented by someone who enjoys a fresh breath. There are no Whole30 approved breath mints (that I have found). I’ve done a lot of digging and some people have held out hope that they could use doTerra Peppermint Beadlets. But, alas, they contain carrageenan and xylitol (come on, doTerra). So, they’re out.

As a result, I’ve been going without fresh breath. And I’ve mixed in a lot more mint teas throughout my day. These are nice, but they don’t give me that satisfying after taste that Altoids do. So, listening to the advice of a few blogs (and who wouldn’t trust a blog?), I’ve tried a couple natural alternatives.

IMG_0244.JPGIn a previous post, I talked about chewing on a little parsley after a meal. My first couple attempts with parsley were not particularly promising. However, I’m starting to change my mind. I kind of like the slight bitterness that parsley gives you, and it’s an interesting taste to have in your mouth. But I don’t think it really resets my palate. And every time I chew on parsley I have this sense that I am walking through a forest.

So that’s what mint tastes like

My next attempt for fresh breathe has been using mint. This seems like an obvious choice, since every mint at the checkout aisle is probably supposed to taste like mint. I’ve come to realize,though, that what is called mint for flavoring tastes nothing like the mint that is found in the ground. Yet, I really enjoy chewing on a mint leaf. The first impression is quite delightful. When you bite into a mint leaf, it gives you a little jolt of flavor. And after chewing a couple mint leaves my mouth feels reset and ready for the day. It’s still not the fresh breath feel I had with Altoids, but it’s helpful.

This is what you have done to me Whole30. I not only am fullsizerender-3chewing on leaves that were foraged by my ancestors, but I’m writing about the experience. When I was young, I had dreams of writing books on interesting subjects, and now I’m writing about breath mints.

If you are still reading at this point in the article, thank you. You are probably related to me. Ok, you are probably my mother-in-law (thanks for sticking through to the end, Dawn).

I’m writing about my experience with the Whole30 everyday. Thanks for reading the article. Please leave a comment and come back tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “Replacing Mints with Mint (Whole30 Day 13)

  1. Haha — hello, Scott. Of course I’m reading this all the way through! And smiling as I read. Remember when we were going to write a book together about Cameron Townsend? What happened to our inspiration? And when did leaf-chewing rise to take its place? Still… it’s an interesting ride reading your blog each day. Keep it up!

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