Just Say No to Snacks! (Whole30 Day 18)

The first two weeks of the Whole30 were characterized by feeling weak, a few minor headaches and a gnawing hunger. (Ok, not the whole two weeks, but you get my point). The second two weeks of the Whole30 are supposed to be when you hit your stride. Your body is acclimated to the diet and you’re running on tiger blood (at least that is what my wife and sister-in-law say).

Writing about snacks isn’t helping me forget about snacks

But what have I been experiencing in week 3 of the Whole30? The munchies. The last two days I’ve really wanted to snack. I was pretty amazed the first couple weeks that I stayed away from snacks so easily, except for a few stray oranges. But now, as soon as I get bored, I start thinking about what I can eat.carbohydrates-750x410

And my old foods have started to get really tempting. I went into our basement yesterday and saw two bags of tortilla chips and one bag of barbecue chips. I was both delighted by their presence and devastated that I couldn’t eat them. In fact, my wife just made a trip to Costco and I’m staring at six loaves of bread right this moment. And, oh yeah, there is left over birthday cake sitting on top of the microwave.

Four meals and no snacks

I think the first two weeks of the Whole30 were so successful because I largely put things I couldn’t have out of my mind. Those things are starting to creep back in now. I even briefly thought of cheating on the diet for about .08 seconds today. (Don’t worry, I didn’t give in).

20150727220756-baconI wonder if part of my ongoing snacky feelings are because I haven’t been eating the fourth meal after to going to the gym. I tried to get back on track today. So, what was my fourth meal? Well, I didn’t have much time or much energy to cook, so I had six strips of bacon. I’m not actually sure if that counts as a meal. But it kept me away from the chocolate cake.

I’m blogging about the Whole30 everyday. And right now I’m chewing on ice. Ice isn’t banned on the Whole30, is it? Please come back tomorrow and see what I write.


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