Carefully Coming Down the Mountain (Whole30 Day 20)

I grew up following the advice of 1990s R&B group TLC, “Don’t go chasing waterfalls.” However, they didn’t mean literal waterfalls, but metaphorical ones (I’m guessing. Or maybe they just had an irrational fear of waterfalls). Anyway, as an adult living in Utah I img_0306chase waterfalls all the time. Winter, of course, is a non-waterfall time of the year, but we’ve had a lot of snow melt recently so I went to my favorite local waterfall in Ogden, Waterfall Canyon.

Ogden’s hidden gem

Typically, I hike with my wife and kids, but this was a solo trip. It’s been a pretty rough year so far (my mom died in January), so I needed a couple hours to getaway. My gracious wife let me go on my first waterfall trek of the year.

I thought that my biggest problem on the hike was going to be mud. We’ve had a ton of snow followed by a ton of rain. I figured it would be a muddy mess. Mud wasn’t really the problem, though. Ice was. Most of the trail was covered in ice or fast melting snow. It made me think of what it must be like to hike up the side of a Slurpee (I’m assuming those are not Whole30 compliant).

A time to reset

img_0311But I made it in record time to the waterfall (no kids!). And I had the waterfall all to myself. This is incredible, since this is the most popular hike in our area and it was a Saturday. On the other hand, I fell twice on the way down, so maybe everyone else in Ogden is smarter than me.

Whatever the case, I was very grateful for this time to reflect and reset. It’s amazing to me how therapeutic mountains and fresh air can be. Don’t underestimate the power of just listening to falling water. We live in a world of many distractions. Sometimes, it’s just nice to be still. Whether you’re on the Whole30 or not, take some time to be still and quiet this weekend.

I’m writing about the Whole30 everyday. Thanks for checking in on this journey.



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