Eating Out’s Not Worth It (Whole30 Day 23)

You can find all sorts of articles about what to order at restaurants on the Whole30. You can order a double patty, lettuce-wrapped burger from Five Guys, a carnitas salad from Chipotle (with no beans and rice), and a steak with just salt and pepper from just about any steakhouse. But there is one thing that all of these articles fail to tell you. Your minimal ordering options just don’t taste that good.

When eating out feels like breaking the law

The first time I ate out during the Whole30 it was exhilarating. I rehearsed my order over and over again. I boldly asked about what kind of oil was used to cook the meat. And when I finally sat down with my food I felt like I had cracked some secret code. That was then, this is now.

These days I’ve eaten out a bunch of times on Whole30. Most of these meals have happened at three different restaurants. Just ask my co-workers, they’ve had to follow my severely limited restaurant choices. And I have to order the same thing at each restaurant. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

They’ll miss me at chipotle

I’m a little tired of protein burgers with no spread, and carnitas salad with salsa and lettuce. So, I’ve decide that I’m going to go restaurant-less for the rest of the Whole30. (A whole 7 days I know) I can see why people give up on eating out on this diet. It’s too stressful to find the right thing. It’s too frustrating to learn where you can’t eat. And it’s too boring to eat the same bland meals. On top of it all, I’m paying more for this. It’s just not worth it.

This also reminds me that my wife deserves a lot of credit for finding such yummy meals for us. Eating at home has been far from bland. So, if you are going to start the Whole30, don’t expect that much from eating out.

I’m writing about the Whole30 (almost) everyday. Check back for more tomorrow.


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