Skipping Starbucks, Climbing Mountains (Whole30 Day 24)

Every time I’m on an adventure with my kids, it’s an opportunity to get a treat. At least, this is how I’ve parented for the last eight years. At the end of every hike, stroll, or walk along a boardwalk, it’s a chance to go to Starbucks, Beans & Brews, or McDonald’s (no judgement).

It’s Utah, we snowshoe

On Sunday, I took my daughter on our annual father-daughter snIMG_0331.JPGowshoe adventure for her birthday. We typically end this excursion with something warm to drink. Over the years, I’ve learned that the best way to have a bad hike with the kids is to forget snacks. So, I never forget my hiking boots or snacks when we go for a hike.

On this snowshoe trip, I felt like a great dad because I remembered my daughter’s favorite apple crisp, almond granola bar. I also decided to teach her a little responsibility. It was her treat, so she needed to carry it. I patted myself on the back for the wonderful life lessons she was learning.

Life’s hard when you’re 7

We had fun, frolicked, and rolled down snowy slopes. After some time, she was ready for her snack. But it was gone. It had fallen out some time during the hike and the rolling. Now, it was squirrel food. This caused not a small meltdown.

To her credit, my daughter rallied and finished her hike. I thought that since she missed out on her snack, we could stop by Starbucks on our way home. Fortunately, I didn’t tell her this. I started thinking about Starbucks, and remembered that I could only get black coffee or some random teas. I had gone on two hikes in two days, and I couldn’t have one pinch of sugar or splash of milk. I started to get frustrated with the Whole30 all over again. So, I decided to skip Starbucks and just go home (Trinity, if you are reading this as an adult, I’m sorry I skipped out on getting you a treat).

But then I began to think about it. Why do we always have to get a treat after going out? Maybe we don’t always have to reward healthy behavior with sugar. Maybe the payoff is being together and not the things you get. Maybe I should teach my kids and myself healthy habits. Ok, Whole30 you won this round.

I’m writing about the Whole30 everyday. And I would love a small splash of milk in my coffee.




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