Playing Out the String (Whole30 Day 25)

The final six days of the Whole30 are pretty uneventful. The feelings of hunger, weakness, and fatigue are generally gone. I’ve tried every interesting meal at least once. I’ve successfully navigated a few different restaurants. And I’ve had my heart broken at the supermarket dozens of times over what I couldn’t eat.

I’ve lost weight, feel healthy, and it seems like making it to the finish line won’t be that hard. I’m pretty sure that if I had tried this alone I would have given up on day two. But I don’t want the shame of being the first person in our group to drop out, so I haven’t even really been that tempted to cheat.

What’s next?

It’s starting to dawn on me that I might need a plan for after Whole30. I guess I have a few options.

  • Forget that I was ever on the Whole30 and go back to eating whatever I want, whenever I want.
  • Stick to the Whole30 diet completely with a cheat day once a week (not happening).
  • Or, I can come up with some modified healthy diet plan that I stick to in life.

I think I know myself well enough that I will choose either option 1 or 3. And (if I’m being honest) option 1 will be chosen by default if I’m not careful.

I’m learning that the Whole30 is great. But it’s probably not great if its impact stops after 30 days. This sort of reminds me of friends who have taken Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover, gotten out of debt, and then slid right back into debt months or years later. So, I’m going to do a little reflecting on where I want to go from here with my eating. Being intentional leads to a better life.




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