Fear of Sugar (Whole30 Day 26)

As the Whole30 comes to an end, I have a growing fear. I’m afraid of eating grains, dairy, and sugar again. Yes, I’m afraid of a loaf of bread and cheese! Who saw this coming?

Next Wednesday, the Whole30 will be over. Naturally, I’ve been thinking about all the things I want to eat that day. I’ve scheduled a meeting at a local barbecue place, and there are plans with my family for dessert that night. But I’m nervous about all of it.

Fear of the unknown

Here’s the thing, I’m not quite sure what I’m nervous about. I might be nervous about how my body is going to react to these foods. What if my body doesn’t like bread anymore? Or what if I end up with some sugar rush after one mocha?

Or, maybe I’m nervous that my body still really likes all these things. What if I start eating sugar and it’s like the last thirty days never happened? As good as I feel today, I’d feel really crummy in two months if I undid everything I’ve accomplished in these thirty days.

Either way, I’m a little uneasy about day 31. I’ve noticed that some people have kept up the Whole30 for a few extra days or weeks. That, however, won’t be me. So, I keep coming back to the fact that I need a plan. I need a food plan starting on day 31. And not a plan like, “I should really cut down on desserts,” or “I really should only order salads at restaurants.” I need a real plan. So, I’m going to be working on that this weekend. And I’ll share it with you.



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