The Post-Whole30 Diet (Whole30 Day 27)

The Whole30 is almost over. Now what do I eat? That’s the question I’ve been wrestling with the last couple days. I’ve tried to come up with a realistic eating plan that I can follow for the long-term. To do that, I need to keep my diet guidelines to a minimum. Too many rules are hard to remember and impossible to follow.

The Post-Whole30 Guidelines

One cheat day a week: I might as well start with my favorite part of the diet. One day a week I can eat whatever I want all day. (I also call this “Del Taco Day”).

One other dessert night a week: Here’s the thing. I want a plan that I will actually follow. I’m skeptical that I can limit dessert to one day a week. So, one other night a week I can have popcorn or ice cream.

If I snack, it’s fruit or peanuts: It would be great to never eat a snack. It would also be great to never say something foolish. Unfortunately, neither of these things will happen. So, I’m going to set myself up for successful snacking.

If a restaurant has a salad, I’m ordering it: I eat out a lot for my job. There is a direct connection between my eating out and my weight. I can’t totally eliminate eating out, so I’m just going to have to be smarter about it. This means lots of salad (except on cheat day).

You’ll notice that there is a lot that I don’t mention about my diet (foods to eat and foods to avoid, for example). Here’s why: my typical breakfast and dinner diet is pretty healthy. My usual breakfast is basically Whole30 compliant. My dinners tend to be high in meat and veggies. I think I get in trouble with lunches, snacks, and dessert (I guess we’ll find out).

So, that’s my plan. I’ll try it for thirty days and then make some adjustments.

I’m writing about the Whole30 everyday (except that day that I didn’t). Leave a comment about your post-Whole30 diet and check back for more tomorrow.


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