The Finish Line (Whole30 Day 30)

That sound you hear is me wiping away the tears as the final hours of the Whole30 pass. Today is the last day of the Whole30. (Yes, I know that some people choose to carry on and complete the Whole35 or the Whole42, but I’m content to stop at 30). In just a few short hours a month without dairy, sugar, and grains will be over.

It’s finally starting to dawn on me that I can start eating other foods again. Very soon, I will have a meal that doesn’t just consist of meat and vegetables. I can add ketchup to my eggs tomorrow and I don’t have to ask a chef 20 questions at a restaurant. This sounds like heaven.

What’s next?

But this also leads to the question, what’s next? I outlined my post-Whole30 diet a couple days ago. On day 27, it sounded like a sensible plan. Today, it sounds way too restrictive. So, what will happen tomorrow? Will I eat a hamburger with donuts for a bun? Will I eat a whole block of cheese? Will I have the birthday cake on top of the microwave that is two weeks old? I’ll let you know tomorrow.

This isn’t the last Whole30 post. Tomorrow, I’ll have a recipe roundup courtesy of my wife and sister-in-law. On Thursday, I’ll have some final thoughts on lessons I learned from the Whole30.

And tomorrow I’ll let you know about a brand new 30 day challenge that starts this weekend. (It doesn’t have anything to do with food).

Thanks for reading my Whole30 posts. I owe you.



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