The Post-Whole30 Diet (Whole30 Day 27)

The Whole30 is almost over. Now what do I eat? That’s the question I’ve been wrestling with the last couple days. I’ve tried to come up with a realistic eating plan that I can follow for the long-term. To do that, I need to keep my diet guidelines to a minimum. Too many rules are … Continue reading The Post-Whole30 Diet (Whole30 Day 27)


Special Days and Special Exceptions (Whole30 Day 14)

  Today, my wife, Melanie, is filling in for me.  Hi! I’m Melanie, Scott’s wife and partner on this Whole30 journey (and life’s journey too). I am writing yesterday’s post because… well, if you’ve read anything about the Whole30 yet, you know prep time takes a lot of time. And maybe you haven’t read this … Continue reading Special Days and Special Exceptions (Whole30 Day 14)