The Finish Line (Whole30 Day 30)

That sound you hear is me wiping away the tears as the final hours of the Whole30 pass. Today is the last day of the Whole30. (Yes, I know that some people choose to carry on and complete the Whole35 or the Whole42, but I'm content to stop at 30). In just a few short … Continue reading The Finish Line (Whole30 Day 30)


The Post-Whole30 Diet (Whole30 Day 27)

The Whole30 is almost over. Now what do I eat? That’s the question I’ve been wrestling with the last couple days. I’ve tried to come up with a realistic eating plan that I can follow for the long-term. To do that, I need to keep my diet guidelines to a minimum. Too many rules are … Continue reading The Post-Whole30 Diet (Whole30 Day 27)

Fear of Sugar (Whole30 Day 26)

As the Whole30 comes to an end, I have a growing fear. I'm afraid of eating grains, dairy, and sugar again. Yes, I'm afraid of a loaf of bread and cheese! Who saw this coming? Next Wednesday, the Whole30 will be over. Naturally, I've been thinking about all the things I want to eat that … Continue reading Fear of Sugar (Whole30 Day 26)

Playing Out the String (Whole30 Day 25)

The final six days of the Whole30 are pretty uneventful. The feelings of hunger, weakness, and fatigue are generally gone. I've tried every interesting meal at least once. I've successfully navigated a few different restaurants. And I've had my heart broken at the supermarket dozens of times over what I couldn't eat. I've lost weight, … Continue reading Playing Out the String (Whole30 Day 25)

Eating Out’s Not Worth It (Whole30 Day 23)

You can find all sorts of articles about what to order at restaurants on the Whole30. You can order a double patty, lettuce-wrapped burger from Five Guys, a carnitas salad from Chipotle (with no beans and rice), and a steak with just salt and pepper from just about any steakhouse. But there is one thing … Continue reading Eating Out’s Not Worth It (Whole30 Day 23)

Just Say No to Snacks! (Whole30 Day 18)

The first two weeks of the Whole30 were characterized by feeling weak, a few minor headaches and a gnawing hunger. (Ok, not the whole two weeks, but you get my point). The second two weeks of the Whole30 are supposed to be when you hit your stride. Your body is acclimated to the diet and you're … Continue reading Just Say No to Snacks! (Whole30 Day 18)

Why Is Healthy Food Expensive? (Whole30 Day 17)

When you're on the Whole30, you're going to spend some money on food. We are a family of six and our grocery bill seems to grow exponentially every six months. (I shudder to think what what it will be like when we have four teenagers). But since we've been on the Whole30 our food expenses … Continue reading Why Is Healthy Food Expensive? (Whole30 Day 17)