The Post-Whole30 Diet (Whole30 Day 27)

The Whole30 is almost over. Now what do I eat? That’s the question I’ve been wrestling with the last couple days. I’ve tried to come up with a realistic eating plan that I can follow for the long-term. To do that, I need to keep my diet guidelines to a minimum. Too many rules are … Continue reading The Post-Whole30 Diet (Whole30 Day 27)


Skipping Starbucks, Climbing Mountains (Whole30 Day 24)

Every time I'm on an adventure with my kids, it's an opportunity to get a treat. At least, this is how I've parented for the last eight years. At the end of every hike, stroll, or walk along a boardwalk, it's a chance to go to Starbucks, Beans & Brews, or McDonald's (no judgement). It's … Continue reading Skipping Starbucks, Climbing Mountains (Whole30 Day 24)

Just Say No to Snacks! (Whole30 Day 18)

The first two weeks of the Whole30 were characterized by feeling weak, a few minor headaches and a gnawing hunger. (Ok, not the whole two weeks, but you get my point). The second two weeks of the Whole30 are supposed to be when you hit your stride. Your body is acclimated to the diet and you're … Continue reading Just Say No to Snacks! (Whole30 Day 18)